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Superior Purity
Extreme Melting Power
Easy Application
Superior Purity
Extreme Melting Power
Easy Application

Benefits of Snow & Ice Melt by Brody Chemical

We formulated Brody’s Snow & Ice Melt to work for you, solving your ice melting needs while performing better for you and your staff.

Pet Friendly

Full-Strength Melting Action

Longer Shelf Life

Optimal Granule Size To Prevent Spreader Clogging

Less Corrosive

Brines Faster, Stays Effective Longer

Made in USA

Works in Sub-Zero Temperatures

Snow and Ice Melt Products

We’ve got a comprehensive line of snow and ice melt products for all weather conditions--for better protection for your customers at the budget you need. Whether it’s used in extreme or mild temperatures, Brody’s Snow and Ice Melt has a solution at a great value.


Can I use ice melt on wood/composite decks?

Yes, but it is important to use as little material as possible that it takes to do the job, and sweep away any excess.

Which of your ice melt products works the best?

Our family of products offer varying performance at different price points. Depending on your budget, and strength required, we offer many choices. As a rule of thumb, if you need extreme melting action, we recommend a high percentage of calcium chloride. Sub Zero is the perfect product to use in all weather conditions.

What if concrete is less than 1 year old, which de-icing product should I use?

Concrete less than 1 year old is not hard enough/dry enough to resist freeze/thaw cycles. For this reason, it is best to use traction-control products like sand. These products will not melt ice, but they will provide traction for pedestrians and pets.

Will ice melt destroy concrete surfaces? How can I minimize the impact?

The key to reducing the potential for ice-melt damage is to reduce the occurrence of freeze/thaw cycles. The best defense to this is to remove any excess product or pooled water from the concrete surface once the ice melter has done its job.

Why are ice melt granules colored and what is the advantage?

Brody ice melt products are dyed blue for three reasons.
1. It is easier for the applicator to see where they are applying the product.
2. The color helps the applicator see how much product is being applied. Overapplication can lead to adverse effects to vegetation, concrete and metal.
3. Pedestrians are less likely to slip if they can see an ice melt applied to the concrete.

Will ice melt leave a residue?

When product is overapplied or used regularly during the winter season, a residue can build up and be noticeable on sidewalks or even inside buildings. It is always recommended that a good matting system be used avoid tracking inside the entrance. It is also advisable to apply product at the recommended rates.

If the ice melt is colored (dyed), will it cause staining outside or indoors? 

No – the dyes used in Brody ice melts are non-toxic, non-staining and water soluble.